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Appointments for Notes2

On the Add Note, Change and Quick Search screens, you will notice a button that says "Appointments". Click on this button. If this is your first time using appointments, or if you do not have any appointments within the selected date range, the page will bring up the following message:

To begin adding to Appointments, simply click the yellow "Add" button located in the top left corner. This will bring you to a new page where you can add the details of your Appointment.

Click on the calendar drop down boxes near the bottom of the screen in order to enter the date. You may also enter the time. Note that a date is required in order to create an appointment.

You will notice a larger, white text box. Use this box to enter a description of your appointment. For example, you might write something like "Pick up ingredients for tonight's dinner" or "Yoga class". A description is also required in order to create an appointment.

Once you are satisfied with your appointment details, you should save the appointment by clicking the yellow "Add" button.

As you can see from the image below, there are several columns across the top of the Appointments screen: #, Note ID, {blank}, Day/Date/Time, Appointment, Del, and S.

Clicking a column heading with a blue hyperlink will subsequently sort your appointment by that column. By default, Appointments will sort by Day/Date/Time. So, if you want to order your appointments by Note ID instead of by date, simply clicking the "Note ID" column will sort your appointments in this manner.

If you created an Appointment from the main Appointments screen, you will notice that the column "Note UD" is blank. In order to associate a Note with an Appointment, click the Quick Screen button, select the note you wish to associate with an appointment and click the Add Appointment button on the Change screen. Then on the Appointments screen add a note in the regular way and after saving, in the Note ID column will be the ID # of the note underlined. You can click this at any time to go to the Change screen for that note.

Once you are satisfied with the Appointment details, click the yellow Add button in the top left corner of the screen. You will be taken to the Appointment display screen. Note that this is not the main Appointment screen, rather, it is specific to that one note. So, if you have multiple appointments created for this note, they will all appear on this screen (assuming they are within your specified date range). You may also add additional appointments for this note from this screen.

Another feature of Appointments to be aware of is the "Set Range" feature, which can be found at the top of the Appointments screen. This controls the date range of appointments displayed. It automatically stops displaying appointments after the range is exceed which does housekeeping for you, keeping your appointments screen showing only the current ones as determine by the date range. If you have an appointment that you know you've created but is not showing up on your screen, it is likely that you need to reset the range to include it. In order to do so, begin by clicking the orange "Set Range" button. This will bring you to the following page:


As you will notice, there are several dropdown menus: "Number of days before 'today'", "Number of days after 'today'", and "Include deleted appointments". These are all fairly intuitive. Simply set your desired date range (which can display up to 100,000 days before or after the current date) and click the yellow "Save Settings" button in the top left corner of the screen. This will bring you back to the main Appointments screen, now with an updated date range.

To delete 1 or more appointments, put a check mark in the right hand column Del and click on Del. The note will be deleted.

Deleted notes can be shown after being deleted. Go to Set Range and click the Show Deleted. Again these will appear for the range selected. You may wish to do this to audit previous appointments. You will probably want to turn this off after you have completed your audit.

Once an appointment is saved it can be repeated (recurred). To do so, click the brown "Add Recurring Appointments" button found at the top of the Change Appoinwtment screen. This will open up a new page:

From here, you can define the "Frequency of Recurrence" for your appointment. PowerTool gives you several options for frequencies: Day in Week, Date in Month, Last day of the Month, Once Each Year (Month/Date). Select whichever option that works best for your particular appointment. Note that you may only select ONE frequency option. Underneath the "Frequency of Recurrence" section, you will see the header "Recur thru date- required". Select whatever date you would like your appointment to occur until. Once you are satisfied with your appointment, click the yellow "Add Recurring Appointments" button at the top of the screen. This will take you back to the main appointment screen. If you do not see all of your recurring appointments on the main screen, it is possible that you need to expand your date range, which will be covered in this article shortly.

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