Dictate notes quickly on your cell phone!

...while they are still fresh in your mind.

3 clicks and start dictating!

Voice dictation saves time according to Stanford University. Tests show its 4 times faster.

In practice people using dictation will create many more notes with more information because it is so easy and fast. Your notes will be more useful to you.

If you've set an icon on your home screen for Notes2, click it.
If note type notes2.com into the address box of your browser, click Go or return.
     You will see the Add Page.
Click inside the large empty box.
Click the voice icon on the bottom left.
Start dictating.

If you've made an error or dictation hasn't transcribed what you wanted, click the little keyboard icon in the middle of the bottom of screen and the keyboard will appear where you can edit the note.

When you are finished, simply click the yellow Save button on the top left.
     You will see the Change program for your new note.
     Where you can edit it and select other screens such as Quick Search or Add Appointment.

Updated 10jul19 jdr