Encrypted messaging - Private and no tracking
Privacy Disadvantages of Text Messaging and Email
Cell towers are used to pass on text messages and hosting computers are used to pass on email. Both leave a trail that can be used by others to read your message and be aware of the connection between the sender and the receiver. Voice telephone conversations can be overheard and leave a trail also.

Privacy Provided by Notes2
For most people, there is no private way to communicate. Now there is using Notes2.

There will be no track on the senders computer
There will be no tracking since nothing has been sent
The receiver read the note directly from the Notes2 server then it disappeared from his computer


Create a note and save it - creates the note id
Encrypt it - using a password of your choosing

Contact the receiver (The receiver need not be a Notes2 user)
Use any manner (text message, email, telephone etc) and give him/her the id # and the password and these instructions:

Go to a browser connected to the internet
In the address bar type
Click the Go button on cell phone or Return key on computer
The Add Note screen will appear
Click the Passwords button
Enter the id # - click Submit button
Enter the password - Click Submit button
The note in clear text will appear
Receiver can respond at bottom of screen

When receiver leaves or refreshes the screen the note will disappear

The note will remain encrypted on the senders database

Future Communication

Once a receiver has received a message and learned the procedure, the sender need only transmit the id# and password. In fact if the two agree upon a password, then only the id # needs be transmitted.

If Receiver Wants to Initiate Communication

Become a Notes2 user. Free Trial User available for 30 days.

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